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We have worked with many corporations helping solve their challenges in the areas of User Experience and Development (UX+DEV). From UX Strategy to Process, to Solution Architecture, we’re here to help you tackle any challenge big or small.


UX+Dev Summit provides thought leadership, technical expertise, and operational capabilities specialized in areas critical to business potential in start-up and enterprise corporations. Our unique knowledge combined with technical proficiency spans from end-to-end product design and development from concept to production release.

The same experts who run our workshops and training courses can evaluate your design and development needs with your team, and or conduct on-site training and lead strategic initiatives.

Consulting Services

  • UX Analysis and Review
  • Usability Testing
  • UX Strategy Guidance & Planning
  • Expert Design Review
  • Product Design Assistance
  • UX Training
  • DesignOPS
  • DevOPS
  • Agile Scrum Cycle
  • Design Scrum
  • QA / UX Review
  • FourSquare, WordPress
  • HTML, CSS, Angular
  • ES6, Ember, JQuery
  • Webpack, Grunt, Broccoli
  • MongoDB, Express, NodeJS
  • Java, J2EE, Spring
  • AWS Lambda, API Gateway
  • AWS DynamoDB, Aurora
  • AWS RedShift
  • Alexa AVS
  • Automation
  • High-Performance
  • Redundant
  • Highly Fault-Tolerant
  • AutoScaleable
  • Serverless
  • Voice-First
  • Big-Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Companies We’ve Helped

Why work with UX+DEV SUMMIT

We Love What We Do

The founders have a true passion for innovation and creation. Our success is measured by your success. We’ve helped a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups to meet their full potential. We strive in unorthodox environments as well as those that are structured.  In order for us to achieve, we must help you achieve. It’s just good business. We constantly evolving with industry. See what our clients are saying about us! 

We Get To The Point

We can help you achieve your goals faster by focusing on what works with your target audience. We can also help eliminate bottlenecks or wasted time by focusing on useful, usable products which in turn generate revenue. Through analytics and data, we can empower your concept through innovation based on the success that is backed by SMART decision making. We can help you in areas of prototyping,  development and architect.  

We Live By It

Our businesses run off these methodologies and development disciplines which are the lifeblood of its success. All of our events, conferences, workshops, and consultations are measured through analytics and data. Our decisions are based on what works and what does not. We formulate our concepts, ideas, and goals based on our communities feedback and responses which we incorporate into our platform. 

"Let me also add my congratulations and thanks to all who were involved in this project!! To put it mildly, this project has been challenging and demanding and it took a team of highly skilled, dedicated individuals to persist and give of their very best to complete and make this project a success. The benefits to our Marketing team and the company will be substantial, so my sincere appreciation for all your hard work!"

Marie Lee

CIO - Interval International

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