Some of the Goodies The 2017 UX+DEV Summit Has in Store for You



If you already have your ticket for the 2017 UX+DEV Summit, then, just like us, you must be super-excited (by the way, if you don’t have your ticket yet, you can still get it here). We’re so proud of the “line-up” for this year that we thought we’d brag about it a bit, so brace yourselves!

The Keynotes Every Disruptor in the Field Must Attend

After our bright and early start at 8:00 (don’t worry, you have until 9:00 to pick up your badges), we dive right into the summit with opening remarks from Bermon Painter. We will then move on to Jacqueline Stetson Pastore, the founder of UX Gofer, whose keynote will shed some light on what Tactical Product Design really is, from project management to mock-ups and animations.

Did you know that RRR-rated architectures are the hottest thing in UX right now? If not, you will find out from Luis Atencio why this is happening and how to implement them. Next, Mike Donahue will speak about how easy it can be to design apps that everyone enjoys, irrespective of their limitations!

There’s no doubt about it: security needs to be dealt with by DevOps and Trident Security’s Bob Masterson will make it abundantly clear why. Next, if you’re curious about how Siri, Amazon’s Echo and other similar products came to life, you’ll find all about that, as well as what’s to be expected from designing for voice interactions from Shyamala Prayaga’s keynote.

If you’re searching for solutions to making user research more thorough and less time consuming, Andrew Schall’s keynote has them, so make sure you’re there to hear them! What makes a certain design innovative? Find out from a series of business cases presented by Lauren Martin.

We start day two with Darren Spurgeon’s opening remarks and continue with Aaron Irizarry’s keynote on how to manage happy, productive, and successful UX teams – a must for all (aspiring) team leads!

Bermon Painter will be back and will answer a question that most UX designers have asked themselves: “Can interfaces truly be invisible?” His keynote is followed by Jonah Kowall’s on microservices and upcoming trends.

At 11:00 AM sharp, Marcelo Paiva will share the secret that every UX designer must know: how to further your career without losing touch with your creative instincts? Next up, you will learn how to choose the right API from the very beginning, so that you can save your team valuable time and tons of money. Your professor: Caleb Meredith.

Shane McWorther, PhD is up next with a fail-proof method to encourage creativity and decisiveness in your business from the very beginning. Once again, Jonah Kowall brings an outstanding keynote, this time about the best practices in monitoring and instrumentation strategies.

Mike Donahue is also a “repeat offender” and he’s back with a keynote on the importance of content and how it can hurt or improve your UX. Next on the agenda: are personas really helpful in the UX creation process? Find out from Ramya Mahalingam.

Day three starts with opening remarks on user-centric requirements from Mitchell Weyuker. At 10:00 AM, Ruthia He’s keynot will teach you how to create extraordinary products by balancing technology and creativity.

Next up, an exciting keynote for all those who want to be true innovators: should be create UX that satisfies the user or teach the user about the benefits of innovative design? Andrew Whited, Lead Design at IBM, has the answer.

The Workshops that Can Push Your Career Further

As we previously stated, the 2017 edition of the UX+DEV Summit has a hands-on approach. Thus, you will not only hear how the thought leaders in the industry think, you will also get to learn their acclaimed approaches and steal some secrets of the trade.

Our first workshop is hosted by Marcelo Paiva. For two hours, you will get the chance to learn all about FIGMA, the truly collaborative tool for design teams. The next workshop is hosted by Bermon Painter. It will last for four hours and it will teach you all about a flexible UX methodology that balances Agile with continuous collaboration and discovery – just what UX teams need to become more productive.

“ReactJS w/ Redux and Function Programming” is the name of the next workshop on the agenda. Led by Leo Hernandez, this 4-hour workshop is designed to make web programming “a little more sane”.

Styling in React has always been subject to passionate debates. Sarah Vesselov’s workshop will present the most common methods to do it and analyze the pros and cons of each of them. Next time you argue with a fellow designer about this, you’ll have solid arguments!

Daniel Howse’s workshop, “The Art of the UX DEVELOPER” will walk you through every step of producing a solid font-end for a product. You’ll also learn the impact every layer has on the user and, by the end of the workshop, you will be able to streamline your design process and produce extraordinary interfaces.

On day three, you’ll be in for a treat: a full-day workshop with none other than Vera Rhoades, Senior UX manager at IBM. This is a highly interactive workshop that will shed some light on the relationship between thinking, designing and Agile, as well as teach you how to think from a user’s perspective from the beginning of a project till the end.

Networking and Fun

Throughout the three days of the 2017 UX+DEV Summit you will also get the chance to interact with the speakers during lunch breaks, daily breaks, and dinners. We have prepared a lot of surprises that will excite the foodie in you! Join us and discover them for yourself!

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