About The Smash

UX+DEV SUMMIT and FLUX, Yeah! invite you to spend an evening on Fort Lauderdale’s pristine beaches to compete in the ultimate UX+Dev smash session! Participants will design solutions that impact the world! This event is going to be off the hook!!!

Unlike our traditional “Design-A-Thon” challenge we’ve had the past two years, where attendees apply design solutions to improve a product, we’ll be pushing the bar this year by presenting two real-world problems that affect the greatest ecosystem of the world.

Attendees will be presented with two overall eco-challenges that must be solved to save the planet from destruction…and we mean it!!

Did I mention we’ll have tasty cold beverages and killer pizza?

What To Expect

Attendees will works in teams (made up of designers, thinkers, developers, and innovators). They will define the key aspects of the problem, asking critical questions, ideating, strategizing and, finally, presenting a compelling solution. These solutions will be judged by experts in the field and scored on the usability, feasibility and viability of your solution. Did anyone mention we’ll be giving away prizes? Hint…YES!!!

What You Will Learn

Using a design thinking process, you and your team will be given tools to create an innovative solution to a problem. Apply your skills to problems in a high-pressure environment that will challenge YOU to push your limits to a new level. This session is NOT your regular design jam or hackathon…that ain’t UX+DEV SUMMIT.

Event Schedule

6:30pm – Check-in and Networking
Doors open. Settle in, and meet your fellow creative
UX and DEV community.

Free soda and food available.

7:00pm – Kickoff
SMASH challenge kicks off. We’ll form teams, set requirements, and off we go!

9:00pm – Presentations
Teams share their solutions.
Audience and Judges vote.

10:00pm – Networking
Continue the party at the pool deck or beach.


Who can attend?

Anyone can attend! Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Product Owners, Marketers, and anyone else who is curious about tech and likes a challenge!

Will we need to code anything?

No coding will take place.

Can I bring my team?

Absolutely! Although we will be pairing you with different people if you have your crew established that’s ok too!

If I don’t have a team, is it ok to come alone?

Yes! Don’t worry we’ll pair you up with an all-star crew!

What if I don’t have a UX background?

If you are interested in learning more about UX and DEV and don’t have a background in it, this is STILL a great SMASH for you because as a participant, the experience will allow you to be paired with other professionals in the field. The UX+DEV SUMMIT SMASH will give you a deeper understanding to empathize and discover the world of UX: what it means, what it is and how it works…not simply its theory but applied to circumstance.

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UX+DEV SUMMIT Smash session is brought to you by a collaboration between UXDS and FLUXYEAH

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UX+DEV SUMMIT Smash Bash will be located at the Ocean Sky Resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

4060 Galt Ocean Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308